A short horror visual novel.

The game may take a minute to load, but it will load!
I strongly recommend playing with headphones.

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Content warnings - contains spoilers (highlight below to view):

animal death / carcass
character death
gore sfx
insects sfx


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Horror, Pixel Art


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did she turn into murmurer?..🤔


I really enjoy the atmosphere of this game- the pixelated photos for backgrounds (and character sprites?), the minimal background sounds with the birds, the dripping water. It really reminds me of walking through a forested ravine near my place. I'm intrigued by the story and wish it went on a little longer, just a little more detail about why things turned out the way they did- but at the same time, it's fitting the protagonist has no time to figure out, and there's no need to have anything explained to them. 



The game is quite good. I ask myself why Jay killed her friend at the end and how and why the main character changed. Did the player turn into a salmon? It would be nice if there were some answers. At some points I think the game is a bit too pixelated. Sometimes it's hard to see something.

Just finished the game.

I didn't understand anything. What's the main point? Why did Jay kill her at the end? What happened to the body of the main character at the end? Who is "Deer" and what does he represent?

I would be happy if someone explains me the plot.


Cool game. I really like how the walking sound changes when she sprains her ankle.

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Hello. The game is really cool. Were all of photos in one scene?


Survival tip: When everything gets quiet all of a sudden. That means there's a predator nearby. 


so i was playing as girl? and what was the point of the murmere

beautiful!!!!!! it reminds me of old flash point and click games, but obviously in a really good way :]


but what did you look like when you looked at yourself?

shoot, my heart pumpet when she attacked


wow mr deer guy and jay, thats not very nice </3


I don't know if anyone else has commented on it, but the lack of music really ramps up this game's atmosphere! I keep coming back and playing it again.


Thanks! It definitely wasn't at all because I didn't want to make a song... :) but I think it's better without music, atmospherically


The ending was so unexpected but it was amazing. It kept me on my toes. :)))


Thank you! 

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Really cool game! Loved every second of it, the atmosphere and characters.


Thanks for playing!

I was hoping to find maybe a sequel to the horror cooking game, but this is way awesome!!


Thanks! :)

No prob! :D


such a spooky atmosphere! the sfx really help sell it, and i love the glitchy visuals too 



A note on the UI - I needed to use the mouse and the space-bar. This is not convenient, it would be better if I could use just 1 thing. Also the messages do not indicate it is space which needs to be pressed. 


The ambience was pretty solid.

I truly thought I was there, walking in the woods.

Is there another ending? like is there a way to avoid *****?

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Now I'm curious what the post said...

they were being a dick basically :/


I really enjoyed this game! Simple and effectively spooky. The sounds were great and really enhanced the experience. You have a fresh concept and story going on here, too. I like how you give the player enough information for them to be immersed but also don't explain so much that it loses the mystic, supernatural atmosphere. The one thing I would have liked to have revealed is what the player looks like at the end, but that's just me. Nice job :)



I did a little jump at the end. Otherworldy and a little creepy. Didn't take too long to load at all.